Frequently Asked Questions

What measures you have taken to ensure the security of my data?

Your data is fully secure with OPTRACK. All the communication is fully encrypted under 128-bit encryption. On a daily basis, our network security is reviewed, and we get certified daily if we pass this review.

We maintain a complete audit trail of all the changes to your data. We also have applied various login/password security measures in the application and we conduct an annual SAS-70 audit that reviews all these security measures.

Are you SAS-70 / SSAE-16 certified? Do you have proper internal controls in place?

Absolutely. Our SAS-70 / SSAE-16 reports are available for download once you log into OPTRACK.

I want my auditors to see my reports in OPTRACK, can I grant them read-only access?

Absolutely. This is actually the normal practice with most OPTRACK clients. In OPTRACK, we have role-specific accesses, one of which is the read-only or Auditor Access. The Auditor Access will allow auditors to log onto the system and only access the reports.

Are you ASC 718, CICA 3870 and IFRS-2 compliant?

Absolutely. Our product is a solution designed and built to effectively fulfill those regulatory requirements. Not only does our product address valuation, expensing, disclosure and share dilution calculations, as part of our service, our support team is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of stock-based compensation accounting and will answer any questions that you have either about the system or the accounting treatment.

What types of valuation methods does the system support?

We support both Black-Scholes and Lattice/Binomial methods, or any other value you prefer via an override on the system.

Do you provide journal entries?

Absolutely. OPTRACK generates all the journal entries for any period you select and for any type of accounting activities related to Stock-based Compensation, including various true-ups and adjustment entries.

Do you provide share dilution calculations?

Absolutely. Our EPS calculation is both CICA 3500 and FAS128 compliant. In OPTRACK we provide not only the share dilution numbers at a click of a mouse, as well as the most detailed backup explaining how the numbers are derived.

Are your reports auditable?

Absolutely. We are proud of our ability to fully justify any number that the system produces by showing the detailed calculation of that number at a click of a button.