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Real Time Tracking of Employee Stock-Based Compensation

Managing employee stock based compensation need not be complicated. OPTRACK’s easy and user friendly interface allows you to handle option activities ranging from data entry to the full administration, valuation, expensing, reporting, tax, share dilution, and the complete note disclosures with ease.

Many companies in Canada, U.K., U.S. and all over the world are actively using OPTRACK on a daily basis, and relying on it for the completeness and accuracy of their stock-based compensation accounting and reporting.

What Clients Like About Us

  • Support for various types of stock-based compensation including restricted shares, options, deferred share units, share appreciation rights, ESPP’s, warrants…
  • Remarkably easy to use employee interface, including cashless trading for public companies and private company trading
  • Full support for both public company disclosures and private company cap tables
  • Comprehensive type-II Internal Control Annual Audit (SSAE-16)
  • High level of professionalism from the support team
  • Support team is well versed about Stock-Based Compensation Accounting
  • Fast and accurate implementation
  • Comprehensive training sessions
  • All system generated reports and values are fully justifiable with a click of a mouse
More of what our clients say

OPTRACK handles both administrative and financial reporting aspects of Stock-Based Compensation. It fully complies with ASC-718 (FAS-123R) and IFRS-2.

Whether you are a/an
  • Administrator
  • Auditor
  • Legal counsel
  • HR manager
  • or Employee (stock-based compensation holder),
you will have your role-specific access to the system.

For detailed description of our product, please refer to Benefits .

Released: Apr. 8, 2014

OPTRACK adds Global Maxfin Capital Inc As a Partner Broker

Click Here to learn more.
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